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Red Hen Publishing, in association with Morrigan Research Services, presents the comprehensive guide to county Kerry.  Kerry is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Ireland, yet many visitors miss the fantastic arts/crafts, organic food, untouched towns and villages off the main tourist trails.

                                              Uncovering Kerry

This complete guide (over 300 pages, easy to use format) offers visitors and locals alike the opportunity to experience the best of what Kerry offers.

* Looking for the best, authentic pubs, offering convivial company, great music and best of all, the quintessential Irish 'craic'?
* Want to check out the work of the best, most innovative and unique artists, designers, potters in Kerry and, indeed, Ireland?
* Wishing to sample the best of locally produced food, from farm markets to five star restaurants and all in between?
* Want to explore the hidden nooks and crannies of this beautiful county - its exciting vistas, its wonderful architecture, ecclesiastical artwork and sculpture, and   of course, meet the warm, humorous people?
* To keep the kids entertained while you enjoy yourself with details of the best of child-centered attractions in the county.
* Wishing to unwind - visits the best natural therapy centers in Europe, experience the age -old  seaweed bath therapy or pamper yourself in a wide variety of spas and health centers?

If you need some, or all, of the above, then Uncovering Kerry is for you.  This guide book will take you to parts of Kerry which have, until now, remained hidden gems. It will help you plan the most relaxing, entertaining, enjoyable holiday you would ever wish to experience in one of the most beautiful places in the world - the 'Kingdom of Kerry'.
To order your copy of Uncovering Kerry -  e-mail at uncoveringkerry@eircom.net.
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