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            ~Royal Irish Constabulary Records~

Your report from the RIC service register includes the following:
  • Service number and full name
  • Age when appointed
  • Height in feet and inches
  • Native county
  • Previous trade or calling
  • Religion
  • Marital status and native county of the wife. Only single men could join the RIC but they could marry with permission of superiors after serving 7 years.
  • Date of appointment 
  • Name of person recommending appointee
  • Counties served,  includes dates and transfers
  • Dates of promotion or reductions in rank
  • Rewards, punishments, marks of distinction
  • Dates of discharge, dismissal, resignation or death 
  • Emigration places are sometimes noted
  • Length of service and amount of pension

If the initial search locates several persons of the same name we will advise you of the index details of each entrant - name, age or year of birth, native county, if married in service and year of entry.

Rate per search

           60 US$70  Stg£30  Aus$80  Can$90  NZ$110

These charges include cost of research, transcripts and postage of any relevant documents.

For more information about our services and charges please contact us at   

Contact us by telephone at 00353-86-827 4886.

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