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               ~Irish Records Retrieval Service~

We now offer a certificate retrivial certificate. If your ancestor was born, married or died in Ireland after the beginning of civil registration (1864) we can retrieve the civil record for this event for you. The information contained on these certificates is often vital in the study of family history. There are three types of certificates available from the civil authorities: birth, marriage and death. Please click on the relevant link below.

  Irish Birth Certificate

  Marriage Certificate

  Death Certificate

Civil records cover only as far back as 1864. Before that genealogists and family historians rely on Local Parish records to provide information on Irish ancestry. We can do a search through any of the parish records you require and provide a transcript of all relevant records for your family history. Should you require parish record research click on the link below.

  Parish Records

The Irish government has released the contents of the 1901 and 1911 census returns to the public. If you want us to retrieve the information relating to your family from these census records please clink on the link below.

  1901 Census Returns

  1911 Census Returns

As the majority of Irish emigrants came from tenant farmer or land owning backgrounds the land records of Ireland are very important to Irish family history.
We can search through all the land records for information on your family.

  Land Records

  Estate Records

  House Histories

Should you wish research into the shipping/emigration lists and /or transportation list for records on your particular ancestor clink on the link below.

  Emigration Records

  Transportation Records

The Irish will abstracts provide: name, addresses & occupation of the deceased; place and exact date of death; names and addresses of grantees of probate, and relationship; exact date of probate and value of the estate. Most post 1858 wills were destroyed in the Great fire of 1922 but abstracts remain. To enable a search please enter as much information as possible below.

  Abstracts of Wills etc.

The Irish Constabulary was established in 1822, and was renamed the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) in 1867. Approximately 85,000 men served between 1816 and when it was disbanded in 1922. We can search for, and if found, supply transcript record of the member's entry in the service register

  Royal Irish Constabulary

For more information about our services and charges please contact us at

Contact us by telephone at  00353-86-827 4886.

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