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    Media Consultancy - Film/T.V./Documentary.

We can provide a professional research team for all types of media production - radio, theatre, television, video and film. We can  tap dozens of sources, from
stock houses to the Film Archives, from obscure film collections to Libraries and
the Internet.
Our researchers have experience in advising on general research,  
the development of projects, and script writing as well as advising on props and location.

     We do research for:

       *  Films and TV
       * Documentaries
       * Videos
       * Television Productions
       * Theatre Productions
       * Commercial Spots

       * Museum Exhibits
       * CD-ROM
       * Corporate Presentations

     The services offered by our team include: 
  • making contacts as necessary and undertake preliminary reconnaissance's.
  • finding out what materials, people and places exist for a given subject area
  • recommending possible approaches to the producer, supported by written reports which pick out the key elements of a project.
  • keeping updated with the changing needs of a production and provide research accordingly.
  • helping pull together the story line of a production and looking for subjects
    and places that can be filmed.
Our charges are determined on an individual project basis. For more information about our services and charges please contact us at

Contact us by telephone at  00353-86-827 4886.

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