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              ~Land Records in Ireland~               

In Irish genealogy research land/estate/house records provide a valuable resource for the family historian.   These records include

The Tithe Applotments
Tithes were taxes levied on the community for the benefit and upkeep of the Established Church. A valuation of the country was carried out under the 1823 Act to determine how much was payable by each landholder. While the information in the Tithe Books is basic, landholder name, area of land held and tithe payable they are very valuable as they constitute the only county-wide survey for this early period. 

Griffith's Valuation
The Tenement Act of 1842 provided for a uniform valuation of all property in Ireland-carried out by Richard Griffith (hence Griffith's Valuation).  The information in the Valuation includes name of householder name, townland, name of person from whom the property was leased, description of property, acreage and valuation of property.

The Land Valuation Books
The Valuation Office has two related sets of records which are very valuable to the family historian.  (1) The cancelled land books and (2) the Current Land Books.  These give details of all changes in the holdings from the time of Griffith's valuation up to the present day.  the Books can be useful in pinpointing a possible date of death or emigration or in identifying a living relative. 

Estate Records
In the 18th and 19th centuries the vast majority of the Irish population lived as tenant-farmers on large estates.  the administration of these estates produced large qualities of records-rentals, maps, tenants list, lease books, letters etc.  Many of the records from these estates are now in the National Library and provide a valuable resource for genealogy, social history and for the history of these estates. 

Land Records Search Charges:

A search of each individual Land Record is charged at
    *€80, US$100, Stg£50, Aus$120, Can$110, NZ$140.

These charges include cost of research, photocopies of doucenments, and postage of any relevant documents.

For Land Record Searches please contact us at

Contact us by telephone at  00353-86-827 4886.


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