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            Academic and Historical Research

We provide professional research assistance to historians, academics, authors, companies, solicitors, media producers, and private individuals who need access to the archives (National Library, National Archive, photographic and film archives etc.) and other record repositories in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

               Advisory, Search and Transcription Service.

* We conduct searches for all  relevant primary source materials and provide
    transcripts of original materials  for our clients.
* We can locate, translate and transcribe rare manuscripts and original printed
   source materials in Ireland.
* We offer a service aimed at both the professional and the amateur historian
    and other individuals who wish to explore any aspect of Irish History.
* We tailor our research to your requirements and offer expert advice on all
    aspects of Irish history, archaeology, folklore, architecture and art history.


Our charges are determined on an individual project basis. For more information about our services and charges please contact us at

Contact us by telephone at 00353-86-827 4886.


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