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            ~Emigration and Transportation Records~                

Emigration and Shipping Records

While no centralized records of emigration from Ireland or  list of ship's passengers
exists for the 18th and 19th centuries there are a number of sources which can be accessed to check for records relevant to your emigrant families.  These include 'Passenger and Immigration Lists index' (Filby and Meyer 1981) and the Famine Emigrants (1988) as well as dozens of published and unpublished catalogues, lists and papers in the National library and Archives.

Transportation Records
For Australia and New Zealand the situation is a little better.   Transportation from
Ireland, or for crimes committed in Ireland, lasted from 1791 to 1853.  Not all the
earlier records survive but those that do provide a wealth of information.  
These include:

Prisoners Petitions and Claims 1788-1836
State Prisoners Petitions
Convict reference Files from 1836
Transportation Registers from 1836
Male Convict Register 1842-47
Register of Convicts on convict ships 1851-53 . 

Emigration/Transportation Records Search Charges

    *€50, US$60, Stg£35, Aus$90, Can$100, NZ$100.

These charges include cost of research, transcripts and postage of any relevant documents.

For Emigration and Transportation Searches please contact us at or by post at

                                      Morrigan Research Services,
                                             3 Ashford Cottages,

Contact us by telephone at  00353-86-827 4886.


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