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Morrigan Research Services provides a Professional Research Service in all aspects of Irish Genealogy, Irish Citizenship, Irish History and Heritage. Our services include:

Irish Citizenship by Descent.
Do you qualify for Irish Citizenship / Irish Passport?  Our Irish
Citizenship/Passport  Service
will help you get all  Irish documents
required to apply for citizenship/passport. You can then live and
work in all the EU Member States.  Irish law allows dual citizenship -
so claim your Irish ancestry

Irish Genealogy Research.             
Searching for your Irish ancestors? Want to know where the
ancestral home was? What was life like for your Irish ancestors? Why
did they leave Ireland? We can you help solve these puzzles.
We offer a comprehensive genealogy research service covering all
of Ireland. Our aim is to help you unlock the secrets of your past
and find your Irish Family Roots.

Genealogy Gift Certificate.
Looking for the unique gift for that special occasion - Christmas,
Birthdays, Wedding, Retirements?  We offer you the perfect solution.
Give that special someone the 'gift of family' with a personalized
Genealogy Gift Certificate. Help your loved one to discover their
long-lost Irish cousins!

Irish Records Retrieval Service.
Looking for Irish Birth, Marriage, Death Certificates, Census Returns,
Wills, RIC Records, Estates Records, Land Records etc?
We provide a  Records Retrieval Service.

Genealogy Tours in Dublin.
Want to do some family research while on your holiday in Dublin? 
Let our Genealogists guide you through the perplexing maze that is
the Irish archives.  We offer a personalized and unique genealogy
and history tour in Dublin.  Just mail us  to book your history
and genealogy tour at morrigan@eircom.net

On our Services we can accept payment by all major credit cards
or by check

Special Offers for Autumn 2012

Irish Citizenship - Free Assessment
Find out if you qualify for Irish
Citizenship by descent - e-mail us for a free assessment

Irish Citizenship Bundle
See our new Irish Citizenship /  
Irish Genealogy Research

Genealogy Gift Certificates
A Unique gift from Ireland, a very special present. Give 'The Gift of Family' for all special occasions



Other Services Offered by Ireland Research.

Media Research.
Need history based research or archival research for your Film/Documentary/TV programme? 
Look no further.  We provide a Consultancy service for all sections of  media production:
radio, theatre, television, video and film.

Heritage Research

Need research for your museum or interpretative centre?  We offer a  specialist research and consultancy service to Design, Heritage and Exhibition companies.
Historical/Academic Research.                                 

Writing about Ireland or Irish people and can't get to the necessary archives or sources? 
We provide a  professional research service is available to historians, academics, writers, and individuals with an interest in Irish History.

Architectural Research.                                   
An advisory and research service for architectural restoration projects.

Morrigan Research Services is staffed by Professionals Researchers, Historians and Genealogists.

                               For more information please contact us at         


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